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Disney Cruise Military Discount

Freedom is a wonderful thing, and the soldiers who fought for it just do not get enough recognition these days. In fact, it seems that the only perk they get are the PX discounts and the discounted alcohol at age 19 on military bases. Wouldn’t it be nice, if as a member of the military, you were given something great for all of the time that you spent defending the liberties of a seemingly ungrateful country? Fortunately, there is someone who has taken notice of everything that you have done, and they are willing to offer you great discounts for all of the things that you’ve done! That company is Disney, and they are more than willing to provide you a discount on all of their cruises.

Believe it or not, this is quite true. So long as you can produce a valid military ID, you and your family will be treated to a huge discount and given access to all of the facilities about the cruise ship of your choosing. Some cruises may be as low as $549, and the 7-day cruises may be as low as $699. This discount also applies to anyone involved in the Department of Defense including the CIA, NSA, and FBI.

You will find however that it does have one limitation. If you are not an activated member of the army reserve, or the National Guard, you will find that most discounts will not apply to you.

If you do qualify, then you will find that Disney cruise ships have a lot to offer. There are lots of things to do for children, adults, and teens. There are three different restaurants to choose from, all serving different types of foods so that there is something for everyone. You will also find top-level entertainment, from the latest movies to Broadway quality plays. There are several swimming pools for you to enjoy, and there is even one set aside for adults that you’ll be able to enjoy while your kids are off playing elsewhere. You can be assured that your children will be quite safe, as there are staff trained to watch out for them and many different activities for them to partake in.

If you want entertainment of the highest level, and high quality rooms to stay in, then you have certainly come to the right place. No one can offer you better service or a greater recognition of the things that you have done for your country whether recently or in ages past than Disney can. So whether you’re traveling alone, with a loved one, or with an entire family, you can take advantage of this beautiful cruise and enjoy the luxuries that it provides.

You have done your country a great service, and just by wearing the uniform, you do everyone proud. So make sure that you take advantage of this service that Disney is offering you, because with the job you do, who knows when you’ll get another chance like this.

Take your family or take yourself and have a little bit of fun. Enjoy the pool, eat at the fine restaurants, and relax in the sun for a while. You’ve been working for a long time, and you’ve been securing the freedom of an entire nation, so now you can go enjoy a little bit of that freedom for yourself.

Dog Friendly Vacations

It is time for a vacation! You have in your mind your destination for the perfect trip. You have a picture in your brain of warm, sandy beaches, the sun shining down on you, sipping on an ice-cold lemonade. Read about the best travel destinations on Eleventy Traveler Blog.

But wait a minute. What about your dear old friend. He is man’s best friend. He is always there to greet you at the door when you come home from work, his tail wagging. You cannot leave him behind. Back up, change of plans. A dog friendly vacation is a must!

Where can you go where animals are welcome, dogs in particular? You want to have a great time and relax, but taking your dog along will require a little extra planning. Your little furry friend is worth it though. Did you know that there are hotels, activities, and even restaurants that will allow your dog to be counted as one of the family? Taking along your dog does not have to be a nuisance with a little knowledge behind you.

Taking your dog along on vacation is not that uncommon. Many people refuse to part ways with their little buddy while they go away for a little trip. A dog friendly vacation is not that difficult to figure out.

If you are going away in your family car and taking your dog along make sure that you stop and take a break from driving every few hours or so. Your dog needs to stretch his (or her) legs and just maybe take a doggy call of duty and relieve himself. Bring plenty of food and water, especially water, as your dog will probably get extra thirsty, especially if it is hot outside. If you are traveling by air, be sure and check with your airlines to check on the requirements of traveling with your pet. A dog friendly vacation just may trigger a visit to the vet before you go so make sure and do this well in advance of your trip.

Once you have taken care of the above, check on hotels that you will be staying at or whatever other lodging that your vacation may entail, such as beach rentals or campgrounds. Find out which area restaurants and activities/events will allow your dog to participate with you. While you are away from home, your pet may require the use of a crate if staying behind in the hotel without you. You may need to slip away for dinner and have to leave him for a little bit when he is not allowed to be with you.

Make sure that Fido has some of his favorite toys when traveling and his cuddly blanket. This will make him feel more comfortable on your dog friendly vacation. Expect him to be a little nervous at times while on vacation. After all, this is a big adjustment for him with all of the new sights, the new sounds, and the new smells.

Traveling with your pet can require a few additional extra steps, but having him along is worth it. After all, it would not be a vacation without him.

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